Scott County Shrine Club

Scott County Shrine Club 52-Week Gun Raffle 2020

All Tickets are Sold Out! Thank you one and all!

Official Rules

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase tickets.
  2. Only the person named on the ticket may claim the firearm.
  3. State and Federal laws apply. Winner (named on ticket) must successfully complete Federal Form 4473 before receiving their prize.
  4. 1000 tickets will be printed and numbered 000-999.
  5. You do not need to be present to win.
  6. Tickets are $ 100 each and are entered into each of the Friday drawings for each of the 52 weeks of the year 2020. You keep the same number all year, and are eligible to win any time your ticket numbers are drawn. Therefore, it is possible for the same number to be drawn more than once. There is no limit on the number of tickets you may purchase.
  7. Tickets may be purchased from a member of the Scott County Shrine Club, or via the Scott County Shrine Club webpage.
  8. Drawing will not begin until ALL tickets are sold.
  9. All guns will be purchased, stored and picked up at Working Man’s Guns, 1106 McCoy Drive, Garden City, KS 67846. Telephone number is 620-272-0803
  10. The winning numbers will be from the Kansas Lottery “Pick 3” numbers drawn at each Friday’s mid-day drawing. There are only 1000 possible outcomes and it is an independent tamper proof selection process that guarantees one and only one winner each week.
  11. Winners will have 60 days from the draw date to claim their prize and will be contacted using the contact information supplied. Should the contact information provided be insufficient to contact the winner, the responsibility to monitor the weekly Pick# drawing falls to the ticket holder. In addition to the Lottery’s normal winning announcements, winning numbers will be posted one the SCSC webpage and Facebook page following each week’s Pick3 drawing. Failure to claim prizes in 60 days of the drawing will result in prizes being donated to the SCSC for future fundraisers. Exceptions will be made for members of the Armed Forces who are deployed.
  12. Winner assumes all responsibility for the usage of the firearms.
  13. Prizes are subject to availability. Prizes of equal of greater value will be substituted if necessary due to lack of availability.
  14. Any pictures of prizes used in promotional activities for this raffle are a good faith effort at representing the prize, but may not be an exact representation.
  15. Tickets may be purchased by all members of the Scott County Shrine Club.
  16. You may track the winning ticket numbers on our SCSC website and on our SCSC Facebook page.
  17. For questions, contact us at
  18. The Scott County Shrine Club will comply with all Kansas Department of Revenue Raffle Reporting requirements. Including the winners of all prizes with a retail value in excess of $1,199.00.
  19. Ticket purchases are NOT tax deductible.
  20. Online ticket purchasers will be mailed a ticket following the receipt of payment.

Winner's List

Week Draw Date Winning # Winner Location Gun List
1 1/3/2020 362 Scott City, Kansas Baretta Tika Hunter Rifle .308
2 1/10/2020 951 Colby, Kansas Benelli Super Blk Eagle 12 guage Shotgun
3 1/17/2020 023 Bazine, Kansas Bond Cowboy Defender 357/38sp 3" Derringer
4 1/24/2020 253 Scott City, Kansas Winchester 1892 Short .45LC Rifle
5 1/31/2020 156 Brush, CO Winchester SXP Field 3" 20 guage shotgun
6 2/7/2020 716 Scott City, KS Taurus SS Ported Six Gun .44 mag.
7 2/14/2020 808 Scott City, KS Franchi Momentum Rifle 30-06
8 2/21/2020 523 Seminole, OK Benelli Supernova 12 guage Shotgun
9 2/28/2020 461 Scott City, KS Beretta 92FBronze/Black Handgun 9mm
10 3/6/2020 109 Garden City, KS Smith & Wesson 460XVR8.5" SS bbl w/compensator .460S&W
11 3/13/2020 397 Marienthal, KS Stoeger 320 Shotgun
12 3/20/2020 947 Phillipsburg, KS Winchester Vanguard Sporter Rifle w/Contrasting Forearm .243
13 3/27/2020 048 Bazine, KS Bergara HMR Tactical Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor
14 4/3/2020 649 Garden City, KS Benelli Monofeltro Silver shotgun 12 guage
15 4/10/2020 682 Ness City, KS Browning 1911-380 Pro SS .380acp
16 4/17/2020 003 Scott City, KS Smith & Wesson Governor Scandium frame w/laser .45LC/.410
17 4/24/2020 766 Scott City, KS Stoeger 3000 Sport Shotgun
18 5/1/2020 709 Kinsley, KS Henry 22 Long Rifle Shriner Commorative
19 5/8/2020 714 Salina, KS Bergara Ridge Rifle Blk/Syn .243
20 5/15/2020 956 Garden City, KS Beretta A400 Shotgun 28" bbl 2.75" 28 guage
21 5/21/2020 595 Lakewood, CO Colt Government 1911 w/ polished SS 5" bbl .38Super
22 5-29-2020 452 Scott City, KS Smith & Wesson 617 Revolver w/6" SS bbl 10shot .22lr
23 6/5/2020 650 Scott City, KS Stevens 93 SS/ Laminated Rifle w/spiral fluted bbl .22mg Rifle
24       Stoeger 3000 Shotgun
25       Sig Sauer P226 LegionRX w/Romeo 1 sight 9mm
26       Ruger Hawkeye Rifle w/22" bbl 30-06
27       Stoeger M3K Shotgun
28       Springfield Armory 911 Platinum/Graphite .380acp
29       Ruger American Predator Rifle w/Vortex scope package .204
30       Stoeger 3500 Shotgun
31       Ruger Flattop, mid sized frame six gun w/5.5" SS bbl .357/9mm
32       Mossberg 464 Lever Action Rifle 20" bbl 30-30
33       Browning Maxis Shotgun mossy oak shadow grass 28" bbl 12 guage
34       Colt Gold Cup National Match 5" bbl Black .45acp
35       Mossberg MVP Precision Tactical Rifle 20"bbl w/adjust. Stock 5.56/.223
36       Stevens 555 Enhanced Shotgun laser engraved, 28" bbl 16 guage O/U
37       Ruger MK4 Competition Handgun w/6.6" SS bbl .22lr
38       Browning T Bolt Sporter Rifle w/straight pull stock .17hmr
39       Browning Citori CXS Shotgun 30" bbl 3" 12 guage O/U
40       Glock G34 Gen 4 handgun 5.3" bbl w/modular optics system 9mm
41       Kimber Pro Varmint rifle .223
42       Remington 1100 Shotgun 12 guage
43       Rock Island M1911 A1 handgun Parkerized .22CM/9MM
44       Henry Big Boy Carbine large lever Rifle w/16.5" bbl .357mag
45       CZ-USA Drake Shotgun 28" bbl 3" .410 Bore O/U
46       Glock G43 Gen 3 Handgun 3.39" bbl 9mm
47       Kimber Classic Rifle .243
48       Franchi Affinity Shotgun 12 guage
49       Kimber Aegis Elite handgun 9mm
50       Henry Lever Action Rifle 45/70
51       Franchi Instinct Shotgun 12 guage O/U
52       Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range 6.5 Creedmoor